EB3 Price Review

After Bitcoin, many cryptocurrencies have hit the world and EB3 is one among them. Developed backin 2015, it was pegged as the trade friendly currency that would remain completely unaffected by the outside world, not even the fluctuations of the gold price in the world market.

EB3 Coin price history perks

The EB3 price history has to be analyzed carefully in order to see if this claim has been proven true and shall hold true for the future. It is important to note that the development of the EB3 concept happened as far back as 2015 but the EB3 coin was only introduced into the market in Feb, 2017.
This is a rather small time frame to assess claims of the developers, but as we analyze EB3 further in the future, we perhaps might witness the trend that proves the currency’s claims.
The Lite Coin was the basis for the development of EB3coin and there are many technological similarities between the two.

Inception & Beyond

EB3 prices have never seen the higher side of the dollar since its inception. The EB3 Cryptocoin has seen it price fluctuate from $0.002 to $0.599 from the time it hit the market. At its lowest point during the introduction, the currency was one of the least adopted in the market and seen it stagnate till the December of 2016.

In mid-April of 2017 the EB3 had a purchase price of $0.15 and by mid-May of 2017, we saw an increase in the price to $0.32, which is a near 113% growth in the price. This coincided with the introduction of the EB3 coins in Vietnam market enabling it to be traded against the Vietnamese Dong. The cryptocurrency started getting its foothold in the market from April, 2017 and has been growing strong ever since.
Since then, the EB3 has revealed a price fluctuation up to $0.60. The currency’s highest price was recorded on the Aug 15, 2017.
The currency’s market cap is pegged at little over $25 million currently with an available supply of nearly 78 million EB3.

Robust ground for monetary growth

Unlike the other cryptocurrencies out there, EB3 is only available in a finite number and not produced limitlessly. The total supply of EB3 is exactly 786 million units.
In August, 2017 and following a robust growth in the cryptocurrency market, the currency became the most traded cryptocurrency on Aug 7, 2017.

EB3 price prediction at the moment shows that there are strong prospects for this cryptocurrency, which is in its infancy. The market sentiments are strong for the EB3coins, which indicates that the coming days could witness the growth of this currency and it breaking into the top ranking cryptocurrencies in the market currently.


The currency can be categorized as one of the stable cryptocurrencies in the market.

A Cryptocurrency of the Future
If you are the one to go by the market sentiments, then it would interest you to know that this coin is set for growth in the future.

Feathercoin price history and prediction

Feathercoin review

It is time to review the feathercoin price history and future prospects of feathercoin, including possible price predictions and other events related to it. Feathercoin is the next generation digital currency. Traditional bank transfers usually cost a lot to send money but the feathercoin transactions cost nothing.

Feathercoin is gaining value in USD

Using the feathercoin you can send endowments or save it as gold or silver. Nowadays, merchants accept feathercoin payments too.
Once you get a feathercoin wallet you can exchange the coins anywhere.  Your money is safely stored in your digital wallet. Feathercoin transactions are noted by a central node. The price of feathercoin is 1FTC=0.061 dollars today. Looking at the feathercoin charts you can  easily know the best time to buy them. There are online portals where you can  buy these coins.

Feathercoin was founded in 2013

Feathercoin came into the market in 26 April 2013. Feathercoin is a new edition of Litecoin. This coin is also known as fork coin as its founder took the code of Litecoin, applied some new algorithms and then presented a much better crypto currency called the feathercoin.They are mined within CPUs or GPUs of the computer. Now we will talk a little bit about the feathercoin price history. In the beginning there were 25 million coins and they were projected to be 336 million coins which is exactly 16 times the amount of bitcoins (which is another crypto

Highest historical value of FTC coin

Producing this much amount of coins and maintaining the price as well was a big challenge. Feathercoins are produced by block. A block contains 200 feathercoins. Currently we have 174 million feathercoins in circulation. Getting deeper into the feathercoin price history, we come to know that in May 9, 2013 1 FTC= 0.21 USD. By Nov, 2013 it was 1.16 USD. From November 2013 onwards the price started to decrease and today it has reached 1 FTC =0.061 USD. You can click this link to see Feathercoin price in real time.

What future brings to feathercoin?

Now coming towards the feathercoin price predictions. Experts say that there will be sudden increase in prices of these coins by the end of August, 2017. So you need to hurry up as these coins will never be so cheap again. Some analysts say that after this sudden rise the price will drop and will then continue to rise slowly till the end of October 2017. Critics say that future of feathercoins is not bright at all as the feathercoin team is not putting the required effort in it and that they don’t have a strong development team. There are many other  features of feather coins e.g. they use NeoScrypt algorithm and advanced checkpointing system which makes them secure.